Austin Video

Here's a video on my trip to Austin.

Our Trip to Austin in Words and Pictures

Breakfast tacos? OK. If you insist. Lunch tacos? FINE. Dinner tacos? Because I'm your friend, I'll say yes. This was the conversation with myself that would happen in my head. Obviously, one of me is hilarious.

Travel with Nat: Monaco

Because why not Monaco?

Our Trip to Monaco - In words and pictures

I met Rowan in 2010 through work and, trying to be a social person, I asked him what he was doing that weekend. He replied, "My whole Sunday is going to be F1." 

As somebody who knows very little about sport or any type of physical activity, I assumed he meant he was going to a music festival and replied, "That sounds nice. Good weather for it if it's outside... You could dance." Luckily he never corrected me, I felt I had impressed him with my cultural knowledge, and we continued to be friends outside of work....

Visiting the folks in Vietnam

I love surprising my mother. She absolutely hates it and if she hasn't got enough food for everyone involved in the surprise, she hates it even more. Thus when the opportunity to visit her while she and dad were in Vietnam on holidays popped up, I embraced it with open arms and looked forward to her being really pissed off that I hadn't told her we were coming.