Category: Comedy

I. Cannot. Stop. Eating. Cereal.

"It's okay, I hear they spray vitamins on them," a friend said to us after Rowan told her how I had consumed four boxes of Coco Pops over the last two weeks.

The idea of someone spraying vitamins onto my food didn't really make me feel better. I thought it did for maybe a second. Then I realised that was crazy.

My degree has been paid! The degree that no longer exists.

Cutting my graduation cake. Probably the only good thing about doing my degree. I know many food critics will ask who's excellent piping skills they are. They're my sister's. You can see she's spared no expense here and used 3 colours. Icing tubes are about 5 bucks a pop so I appreciated this show of extravagance

Visiting the folks in Vietnam

I love surprising my mother. She absolutely hates it and if she hasn't got enough food for everyone involved in the surprise, she hates it even more. Thus when the opportunity to visit her while she and dad were in Vietnam on holidays popped up, I embraced it with open arms and looked forward to her being really pissed off that I hadn't told her we were coming.