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My degree has been paid! The degree that no longer exists.

Cutting my graduation cake.

Probably the only good thing about doing my degree. I know many food critics will ask who's excellent piping skills they are. They're my sister's. You can see she's spared no expense here and used 3 colours. Icing tubes are about 5 bucks a pop so I appreciated this show of extravagance.

I guess what I mean to say is that I've recently finished paying off the debt I accumulated while studying . For those of you who aren't from Australia, if you choose to attend University in Australia, your tuition fees accumulate into a debt as you study. Once you start earning over a certain threshold, a small percentage of your pay is deducted from your pay and it goes towards your debt. As of 2014 I am now debt free.

What did you study, Natalie? Asked nobody. Well, I studied Digital Media and before that, I studied a few years of an Arts/Education degree. Why did I change? Asked Natalie in her own blog post. Well, my father was an excellent teacher and he taught at a public school. I'm a big supporter and have very romantic ideals about what the public education system should be so when I was 17 and applying for degrees, I figured I'd just sign up to do what my father did. I started a teaching degree majoring in English and History and I guess I secretly hoped that I would build a time machine before I graduated so that I wouldn't have to face the hard challenge of teaching. No time machine came but I did chicken out. A lot of people bitch about teachers but being the daughter of one and having known GREAT teachers my whole life, I know it's a tough job with little recognition. So I wimped out after a few years before shit got real. I WILL teach one day but I just wasn't in the headspace to teach just yet. Instead, I switched over to Digital Media. There I learned absolutely nothing and accumulated a debt I have only just paid off. As it says under the picture above, one of the best things about my degree was getting that cake. Also, I made a handful of wonderful friends. I guess they were worth the debt. They didn't put out and we didn't end up having any crazy college moments I see in movies, but we did have fun.

Just a bit of background on this picture- this was on the day of my graduation ceremony. I was stuck in traffic in my gown and missed the ceremony. Not only that but I was too lazy to line up for my certificate afterwards. I left my certificate at the office so long, they couriered it to me. So the one thing I did learn from my degree is if you leave things long enough, people pay for your postage. It's since worked for me at the passport office, the bank, and even when I've left things at Lost and Found.

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