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I. Cannot. Stop. Eating. Cereal.

"It's okay, I hear they spray vitamins on them," a friend said to us after Rowan told her how I had consumed four boxes of Coco Pops over the last two weeks.

The idea of someone spraying vitamins onto my food didn't really make me feel better. I thought it did for maybe a second. Then I realised that was crazy.

"I worry about the day you try drugs," Rowan sighed as I put yet another box of cereal into the shopping trolley last night. 
"You can blame Seinfield," I try to defend myself.

It's true though. We started watching all seasons of Seinfield recently and I had never noticed how much cereal Jerry ate. It started with a fun pack

then the small boxes frustrated me. And it just. kept. going.

This does tend to happen though. I went through a phase of eating 15 peanut m&ms every night. Now here I am measuring 25 grams of coco pops twice a day. I know, I know. 

I think I've always had very obsessive compulsive tendencies and they bleed into a lot of my habits... like eating the same food for breakfast and lunch until it bleeds out my eyes. And I can only presume I must be getting stressed with work to be doing it so hardcore at the moment. But until I bleed coco pops out my eyes or the doctor tells me I have scurvy, I see no end soon.

So tell me, if you've made it this far, do you ever get obsessive over a type of food for a concentrated amount of time? What's the worst you've done?

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