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t shirt store update

Store re-opened. 

For now.

I shouldn't joke.

If you ordered already, don't worry, your order is still first in line

New Video- When People Call in Sick

This week's new video was inspired by a friend asking me to call in sick.

I. Cannot. Stop. Eating. Cereal.

"It's okay, I hear they spray vitamins on them," a friend said to us after Rowan told her how I had consumed four boxes of Coco Pops over the last two weeks.

The idea of someone spraying vitamins onto my food didn't really make me feel better. I thought it did for maybe a second. Then I realised that was crazy.

My degree has been paid! The degree that no longer exists.

Cutting my graduation cake. Probably the only good thing about doing my degree. I know many food critics will ask who's excellent piping skills they are. They're my sister's. You can see she's spared no expense here and used 3 colours. Icing tubes are about 5 bucks a pop so I appreciated this show of extravagance